Why Do The Dark Circles Appear Under The Eyes?


Very often when dark circles appear under the eyes we don`t know the exact reason of it. But there exist a lot of such reasons and they are the following. The major one is lack of sleep. Especially when you spend a lot of time in front of the computer, your eyes are becoming tired because of the dark blue or brown tint which appears under your eyes.

The main causes which provoke circles under the eyes.
The major one is genetic reason. There exist a lot of pigmentation problems which are passed from generation to generation especially in Asian families and in the families of color (due to extra production of melanin). Allergy and nasal congestion are also included into this list.

Skin diseases such as atopic eczema can also be the reason of dark circles under the eyes. Aging can also be the reason because it becomes thinner with age and loses collagen. Of course it can also be just peculiarity of your facial features. These circles can be either puffy or hollow, depending on the age and structure of face.

What is the cause of your under-eye circles?
In order to fight this problem we must distinguish it`s source. There is an old and well-tested method which helps to determine the cause of dark circles. You should press the area under the eyes and hold for about 25-30 seconds. You will see that if the area became darker it means that the reason is genetic or age changes. In case if the color remained unchanged then the reason is allergy. If you let go the skin and the circles didn`t go away, then it means that you have a mingled result. It means that you may have vascular problems and excess pigment is produced.

Different types of allergy such as: food, cosmetic, seasonal, hay fever, home allergies (which occurs because of dust at home and at your workplace) can provoke dark circles. Due to an allergic reaction blood vessels under the eyes are expanding. These dropsical vessels are pressed against thin skin under the eyes that is the reason why dark color shows up. If you have an allergy caused by allergen in the air, then you should take antihistamine medicines prescribed by your doctor. If you suppose that you have another type of allergy then you should consult your doctor.

If you consider that you are having an allergy to some products, especially cosmetic products or any others that can cause irritation of your eyes (when they are becoming red) you should avoid using them and consult your dermatologist.

Try not to touch your eyes if they are itching or became irritated because you will break capillaries which will cause puffiness. Scratching can also provoke producing of melanocytes and the area will become darker.

Lack of vitamins and healthy diet
Lack of vitamins is cause by bad nutrition. Especially lack of vitamins B12, E, vitamin C and vitamin K. Their deficiency can be the cause dark circles. Adrenal gland function needs vitamins most. When it is tired of stress, consumption of alcohol and caffeine, it prevents from absorption of vitamins and results into dark circles. Puffy eyes can appear because of different additives found in wine, for example. Exclude fat and fried food from your diet and substitute it with fruits and vegetables. You should reduce of assumption of salt which retains water in the organism and blood vessels appear darker under the skin.

Drying up
You should consume as much water as you can and avoid drinking too much alcohol, because it dries up the whole body. Caffeine as well as smoking also dehydrates the body.

Bad circulation of blood, vascular problems make the vessels more prominent and they become darker and that increases formation of dark circles.

Shortage of sleep
When you don`t have enough sleep you look tired and pale, that is why dark circles are more noticeable. Lack of sleep can also be a reason of stress. So you must take care of yourself.

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