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Jewelry is timeless especially certain styles and designs that evoke awe and can be associated to a certain period of time in history. The most wonderful thing is that we can still relive the bygone era with the pieces we wear. The classic style and the appeal of these remain forever beautiful and we cannot help but feel awe and absolute admiration for them. Besides whenever you wear something as grand and spectacular as this you are bound to draw attention for these beauties always stand apart, the very reason why they continue to be so popular even today.

Two main influences that we enjoy even now are the vintage look as well as the antique appeal. No matter how many contemporary styles and designs do the rounds we simply can’t get enough of these two prominent looks for their innate beauty and ageless allure. No matter what variety you’re wearing whether rings, earrings, neck pieces or bracelets, you will always make a mark with these two styles. To have a better understanding of each, read on.

The term vintage is often misleading and to sum it correctly we would need to say that they mainly denote the style of a particular era mostly mid century and art deco. Also you can safely say that they are much less than hundred years old and in many cases references are made even to those that are a little more than twenty years of age. We can also say that these are neither modern and contemporary nor old enough.

Antique jewelry on the other hand is something that actually has been in existence for a pretty long time and have the years to boast about. They definitely age more than hundred years and this fact is often used as a yardstick in its selection. The rarity of the pieces and their exclusive grandeur and age makes these pieces so coveted, not to mention the emotional aspect that they denote. Most often these splendid pieces are passed on as heirlooms that are to be treasured.

Interestingly there are varied opinions about classifying the pieces as antique and the age criteria differs not only for individuals but also in the various parts of the globe. There is another not so heartening fact and that is the dubious character of certain jewelers who call certain pieces as antique only to seal a deal without being fair to the customers about the factual age of a particular piece.

When buying this rare and exquisite variety one must be careful and do a detailed scrutiny. Always deal with an authentic and trusted jeweler and preferably one who is adept in this niche but upcoming segment. After all jewelry buying is not only enjoyable but also involving and it is important that you know what you’re taking home is worth the money that you’re spending and in this case it is sure to be a considerable amount.

Whether vintage or antique each piece has its own distinctiveness and magnificence so pick your personal favorite that you will always cherish.

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