Unwanted Facial Hair? Here’s How You Should Get Rid of It

Having facial hair is something that a lot of women are embarrassed by. Sometimes it’s due to having ‘hairy genetics’, while others, it can actually be down to hormone issues such as a thyroid problem. The good news is that you don’t have to live with your unwanted facial hair forever; you can get rid of it effectively with a few tried and tested techniques that celebrities, experts, and your next door neighbour (probably) swear by. Read on to learn more about the various ways you can get rid of that annoying facial fluff:

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Waxing is a very common treatment that you’ll find in almost every salon. The therapist applies warm wax to the area to be treated after prepping the skin with lotions, rubs a sheet of cloth or a paper strip down over the area, and then pulls against the growth. Providing your hair isn’t too thick and coarse, it will usually all be removed by the wax. The treatment is great for eyebrows, lip, chin, and anywhere else on your body too! After your waxing treatment, you’ll probably be a little red, but that’s totally normal. It’s advisable you stay off the sunbeds, and avoid any other heat treatments and hot showers after the treatment to avoid irritating the area. You can go about your business as normal after 1-2 days though! Most people have their wax re-done once a month, but it usually depends on the hair thickness and growth speed of a particular person.

Permanent Laser Hair Removal

If your hair is thick and coarse, the only way to go about facial hair removal could be permanent laser hair removal.  The great thing about this treatment is that the results are longer lasting than any other treatment – permanent, even! The only thing is, you’re almost guaranteed to need at least a couple of treatments depending on the area, as the hair needs to be in the correct growth cycle to stay gone forever – and there’s no way of being able to tell the cycle the hair is in at the moment. This treatment is great for people who have fairly prominent hair on their lip or chin, and even those whose hair is finer. It’s definitely worth it for permanent results, just remember to stop all other hair removal treatments weeks before your treatment so the hair is all in the same cycle!


If you’re finding one or two stray hairs in between your waxing treatments, instead of booking another appointment or looking at them in despair; pluck them out! You can buy a great pair of precision tweezers from Boots, that are great at grabbing the hair at the root.


By using a product such as Jolen bleach, you aren’t exactly getting rid of the hair, simply dying it lighter so it cannot be seen as well. It’s great for your lip and chin! Lot’s of women swear by this product; however it’s all down to personal preference!

Now you know the best thing for your facial hair and hair type, you can go and get rid of it the way best suited to you. Enjoy your new fluff free face!

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