Unique Jewelry: Give a Gift With a Little More Meaning

woman-putting-on-necklaceIf you have a special occasion coming up, chances are you’re thinking about giving a gift to your special someone. You probably want to be original, unique – to give a gift that shows you truly care. You might have thought about making something by hand, but perhaps your creative abilities leave much to be desired and you’d rather not risk offending your loved one. So, you’re on your last leg and the only option you have left is the age-old classic: jewelry.

Thinking Outside the Jewelry Box

This might not be the big proposal that demands the diamond. Maybe you want to mark the anniversary of your first date, or another occasion that doesn’t demand a classic. Maybe you want to give a gift that’s a little different; something creative. So, what are the alternatives to diamonds and gold? Alternative accessories.

Diamonds aren’t the only unique work of nature on this earth, yet they seem to have a monopoly on the jewelry market. If your budget is a little too tight to spend thousands of dollars on a birthday or a one-year anniversary, though, don’t worry about disappointing your jeweler – concentrate on pleasing your partner.

Wood Isn’t Just for Furniture

A surprisingly beautiful alternative to the usual precious metals is wood. Think about it: Every single wooden ring, no matter how simple or plain the design, is unique. From beautiful red rosewood and enticingly dark olivewood to light cypress and speckled bubinga, the recipient of a wooden ring will be mesmerized each and every time they look down at their finger and notice something they never noticed before. The Bentwood Rings collection, by Stout Woodworks, is a hypnotizing place to start.

The items on Stout Woodworks’ page are not only rendered from different types of tree, but each is a unique design. There are woods to match every hue of brown eye, and if your loved one has a rarer shade of iris, there are rings that also come inlaid with crushed mother-of-pearl or turquoise. Moreover, if you just can’t shake the need for gold or silver, the Bentwood Collection has precious metal inlays as well.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take a Risk!

When you know that the ring you’re buying has been painstakingly hand-crafted, you know that you’re giving a gift that was made with love. Diamonds are accruing stigma every day, as more and more men and women become aware of blood diamond trading in South Africa. A wooden ring is a safe, loving, creative and economical option that will amaze whoever you give it to. Don’t be afraid to be different: give the love of your life a piece of jewelry that is as incomparably beautiful as they are.

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