Why The Typical ‘Big & Tall’ Shop Just Doesn’t Meet Men’s Fashions Needs

If you are a man, and you generally by clothes in an XL, buying something that is fashionable, or in this season, can be quite a challenge.

Part of fashion is sizing, so your typical big and tall shop will normally just cater for the one, meaning that they should be called ‘big or tall’ stores. You may have seen, and even worn, some clothing ranges from big and tall stores. You have probably found that they hang off you like a baggy coat, something which may just fit two of you inside it. This is a great look, if you do not mind looking like sack of spuds, however most men like to wear something that gives them a little more definition in the right places.


 Getting a good look from large mens clothing is not difficult. You just need to know where to look.

 What you need to consider when looking for XL clothing?

 Let’s get this out of the way first, for some people the XL tag can get quite disheartening, especially when the clothes do not fit you properly. The first point of call for these people is usually ‘slimming’, this is never a strong enough reason to start. Wearing clothes that look like they are trying to hide something can come across less attractive. Slimming is not the answer.

 There are a number of things that you should look out for when buying yourself new clothes. It is normally the little things that go the furthest. For example, when you try on your shirt, ensure that the sleeves are at the base of your wrist and the shirt pocket is aptly positioned on your chest. It is these smaller details that can make the shirt look great on you.

 Trousers are next and usually the most difficult to get right. Hollywood depicts the ‘fat man’ trousers as normally light coloured, double pleated and buttoned far too tight. It needn’t be like this with a more common sense approach. Wearing your trousers quite high up can look great, it allows the trousers to drape over your stomach and fall smoothly down the front of your body. If you choose to wear your trousers underneath your belly, it encourages the bulging out over the top of your trousers, and can be very uncomfortable.

Shirts, whether smart, casual, t-shirts or polo, have two rules:

  1. Buy a shirt that you can tuck into your trousers or shorts all the way around.

  2. That are fitted enough so there does not appear to have an excess of material.

Looseness can be great, especially during the hot summer months, but it is a compromise on style, as too much looseness can add to the impression of bulk and width.

 If you are buying a formal shirt, you need a collar that does not pinch or is too tight. Being comfortable in your own clothes is a must, and again it avoids the bursting out effect.

 Another tip is dark colours normally flatter more than light coloured shirt.

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