Tips on how to keep your teeth and gums healthy

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy should be a priority, especially if you want to avoid any unnecessary trips to the dentist.

There are so many ways in which you can keep your teeth and gums healthy, especially at home. So, if you are looking to keep and maintain a healthy smile and enhance your confidence, just take a look at these simple steps.


What could happen to your teeth and gums?

Tooth decay

This is one of the major problems facing teeth and gums. It is caused by cavities in the teeth and at gum level and be reduced by regular brushing using fluoride toothpaste.

Gum diseases

These are caused by a variety of different things, but in the main it is caused by plaque on the gum line. These diseases can weaken the teeth, within the gum, and can cause tooth decay. You may already be familiar with gingivitis, and the damage it can do to both teeth and gums. It can be avoided by regular brushing, as well as flossing.

Dry mouth

Dry mouths are damaging to both your teeth and gums, so it is important that your mouth stays as hydrated as possible. Saliva helps protect your teeth and gums, and it allows you to taste, chew food effectively and even speak. Drink plenty of water, and avoid sugary and alcoholic drinks, to keep your mouth healthy.

Oral cancers

This is normally determined by age, with the over forties where the chances of getting oral cancer starts to increase. The early symptoms are gums bleeding and severe tooth pain, so regular checkups at your dentist is essential. If you start to notice any of these symptoms and you are concerned, then visit an emergency dentist. You should avoid smoking (cigarettes, cigars, pipes and chewing tobacco), and use mouthwash, together with a high quality toothpaste when brushing your teeth.

Bad breath

We are all conscious of our breath, especially when we are around other people. To avoid bad breath, also called halitosis, you must brush twice a day and floss after every meal. Bad breath is caused by bacterium that grow inside your mouth, so it is essential that you remove any bacteria before it finds a suitable place in your mouth to multiply.

Dirty tongue

Having a clean tongue can also improve breath and stop any diseases formulating within your mouth. Some toothbrushes, both electric and manual, have a tongue scrapper built in. Make sure you use this every time you brush your teeth.

What to do next?

Brush your teeth right

Brush your whole tooth, not just the visible parts which people can see. Brush your teeth at least twice day for between four and five minutes.

Chew gum

Keep your mouth hydrated by chewing gum. This will produce saliva that will help protect your teeth and gums from disease.

Live and eat right

Adopt a healthy lifestyle and ensure you have a good diet. Avoid sugary drinks, and sticky foods that could get stuck in your mouth.

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