A Thorough Guide to Saving Money When Buying Children’s Clothes

Buying children’s clothes, although much smaller than adult clothes, can prove to be very expensive. Depending on where you get them and the kind of clothing you’re after, you could spend the same amount of money on a child’s pair of jeans as you would on your own! There are ways you can save money when buying children’s clothes, you just need to know a few clever tips.

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Buy Gender Neutral Clothing

Buying gender neutral clothing, rather than very boyish/girly items, can be really useful. You can use the clothes on both sexes, and even if you plan on having any more kids later on! Neutral jumpers, pyjamas, raincoats, and onesies should all be kept to reuse so long as they’re gender neutral.

Buy Used Kid’s Clothing

Providing the clothing is only gently used, you can get loads more wear out of it. You’d be surprised at just how much cheaper you can find quality used kid’s clothing for on places like eBay, rather than buying new!

Choose a Bigger Size

You don’t want your child to be drowned in fabric, but choosing a size up every now and again can help clothing to last that little bit longer. Items like girls and boys winter coats, rain coats, and snowsuits can all be bought a size up as they’re worn infrequently.

Rent Clothes for a Big Event

Buying kid’s clothes for a big event can prove to be very expensive, especially if you don’t have an occasion where your child can wear it again. Think about it like this; if you split the price into how many times your child wore the dress/suit, what would the price per wear be? A shocking amount, I’d wager! To save money and have a presentable looking child, rent items from places like borrowbabycouture.com.

Look After Their Clothes

The more you look after your child’s clothing, the longer it will last. That equals more money saved! You might even be able to pass the clothes down to their younger siblings. Get rid of stains as soon as they occur, weather treat shoes and boots, and hang clothes out to dry.

Shop The Sales

Sale items can be great value for money, and if you buy a size up as mentioned before you can store them away for next year. When a shop’s spring/summer clothing arrives, their winter stuff will usually go into sale – but it’ll still be freezing cold outside!

Buy Play Clothes

Kid’s get dirty often, and like to ride bikes, go to the park, and all kinds of other activities. Look for deals that allow you to buy multiple items for cheap; this way, you’ll have a load of ‘play clothes’ your kid can go out in, rather than worrying about them wearing their good clothes.

See how easy it is to save money when shopping for children’s clothes? To make extra cash, you could even sell the clothes they’ve grown out of completely to get cash to put towards a new wardrobe. Happy shopping!

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