How to Re-Create the Lady Gaga Look on a Budget

So, you want to look like Lady GaGa? Hey, each to their own! Perhaps you’re going to a costume party, or maybe you just really admire her style. She is a musical genius after all! Whatever your reasons for wanting to recreate her look, we’ve got plenty of things you can try to suit your budget:


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Make Your Own Meat Dress

Lady GaGa was once spotted in a dress made out of meat. Not only was her dress made from salami, so were her shoes and hat. This woman will do anything to cause a stir! There was some kind of reason behind it, but we were far too concerned with how tasty that salami looked. If you want to recreate GaGa’s look on a budget, buy a pack of cheap salami and get stitching.

Make a Dress from Your Cuddly Toy Collection

Lady GaGa once wore a dress made entirely out of cuddly, green, Kermit the frog toys. To save you going out and buying 100 of those, simply sew your current cuddly toy collection into an ensemble.

Wear Clothes that Don’t Match

Sometimes, GaGa looks as if she’s chosen her outfit with her eyes closed. On rare occasions, she does throw together an outfit that could pass as trendy. However, her main speciality is looking a little mismatched and ‘crazy’, so try every combination of your current clothes collection to find the most crazy sets.

Get Your Hands on Lots of Wigs

You could find wigs in your local charity shop, at your aunt Maude’s house, or somewhere else altogether. We don’t care where you get them – so long as you have lots of crazy hairstyles ready to pull out at a moments notice. Miss GaGa’s most popular style is long platinum blonde hair with a full fringe, so you could potentially buy a quality wig to replicate her main style from Afuro online.

Experiment With Your Makeup

Lady GaGa seems to like drawing lightning bolts and other crazy shapes on her face, so experiment with different makeup shapes, colours, and styles. In most cases all you need is a liquid eyeliner!

Say Deep, Meaningful Things

Make sure you’re heard saying deep, meaningful things – Lady GaGa is known for her meaningful quotes. Say things like, ‘Don’t be insecure if your heart is pure’, and, ‘Don’t ever let a soul in the world tell you that you can’t be exactly who you are’.

Get a Few Tattoos

Lady GaGa has quite a few tattoos that mean something to her. Don’t copy her tattoos, get your own deep, meaningful ink – just make sure you keep it small to stay within your budget.

Grow Your Nails

Lady GaGa loves having long, painted talons. Grow your nails as long as you can get away with and practice crazy nail art on them to make them stand out.

By now, you should be looking like Lady GaGa’s double. If all else fails (you can’t bear to sew your cuddly toys, or your meat dress starts to stink), you could always venture out in skin coloured underwear!

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