A Mans Guide To Staying Warm And Stylish This Winter

As we drift between the seasons, there’s nothing more chilling than the months between Autumn and Winter. It gets colder, a lot colder, very quickly, and before you know it, you’re looking like a native Alaskan or Russian.

So, with temperatures hitting below freezing, here’s a guide to dressing stylishly and keeping warm this winter:

Layering up

There’s more about wearing lots of layers, than just, well, wearing lots of layers. There’s method in layering, and if you want to keep warm it’s suggested that you consider:

  • The ‘Wicking’ layer – This is the first layer of clothing. Consider wearing thermals, or a silk layer on your skin. It’s called a wicking layer as it has wicking power; meaning it more, or wick, moisture away from your skin in order for it to evaporate through the fabric.

  • The Insulating layer – You may be more familiar with this layer. It’s the middle layer that most of us wear during the winter months; items such as vests, pullovers, sweaters and sweaters. These layers are designed to keep heat in, and the cold out.

  • The Protection layer – This is the exterior layer that protects you from the winter elements. Items, such as shells, should repel water, rain, snow and sleet and blow out the wind.

Use Accessories

These items can help stop heat loss through other parts of your body, so consider:

  • Headwear – Headbands and hats can stop you losing approximately 60% of your body heat through the head. Plus, they can look super cool.

  • Gloves – Again, plenty of heat escape from your hands, and it tends to be the place you feel the cold first, so invest in a good pair of gloves or mittens.

  • Socks – People comment on socks, the design, patterns or funny anecdotes. However, the main purpose of these are to keep you warm.

The above tips will help you keep warm, and stay stylish when outside and exposed to the elements. But what about clothing that won’t be exposed to the harsh reality of winter?

Always dress according to the environment you will spend the most of your time in. For example, there’s no point dressing in a thick winter jumper when you’ll be sat next to a roaring open fire place – you may get a little hot under the collar, and rather uncomfortable. The Gant fall/winter collection will keep you warm over the cold months, so take a look at their range for ideas.

Just as the helpful clothing tips for keeping warm outside during the winter months, think layers. Vests, shirts, jeans and lightweight jackets will all add to the various layers, keeping the warm in, and the cold out.

Also, think about the types of material on offer. Wool is always a winner during the cold winter days and nights, as well as slightly thicker corded jeans, which look great together.

So, think about what you’re wearing this winter, and where you’ll be wearing it. Remember, you can be both stylish and warm in the same outfit.

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