How To Look Fresh And Attract The Ladies This Spring

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With the winter fashions now dying out now, those of you who follow the latest trends will be looking ahead to see what the top high street clothing stores will be stocking over the next few months. As it’s still very cold at the moment, we’re expecting them to stick with thick materials and dark colours, but there still could be a few surprises in store. With this in mind, I’m releasing this post today to give you an insight into the type of items you can expect to see. Hopefully, with this insider information you’ll be able to better prepare your outfits when the new designs hit stores near you.

So, give me your full attention for the next few moments, and I’ll do my utmost to highlight which items you can purchase to ensure you stay looking fresh and have no trouble attracting the ladies during the next couple of months. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not on speaking terms with the good people at Armani or Gucci, but I do have a few friends in the industry who’ve been giving me a sneak peak at some of their most appealing outfits.

Baseball Bomber Jackets

The American look is due to make an appearance soon, with baseball bomber jackets becoming the item of choice for all those who wish to project a fashionable image. Some of the most desirable designs will feature both silk and velvet, although there will be lots of budget items that cost a little less, but still look just as fantastic.

Riviera Polo Shirts

Yes, that’s right folks; the mod look is making a comeback this year, which means you’ll have a great excuse to dust off that old parker and turn heads wherever you go. Riviera polo shirts will be everywhere until around May, so you should definitely head out early and buy a few before it starts to look like you’re just copying everyone else.

Texas Jeans

Some retailers like Birtchnells supply wrangler Texas jeans already, so you should probably try to grab a few pairs before the rush. In most instances, you’ll find prices will rise towards the end of February as people start realising this type of legwear is back in fashion. So, unless you’ve got some left over from a couple of years ago, place your orders now.

Floral Shirts

Anyone who has to wear a shirt for work will be glad to know that interesting floral designs are back this spring, so you’ll be able to get away with donning something a little more appealing than your usual white or blue collar. Also, there are some pretty cool novelty ties due for release over the next couple of weeks, so you’ll be able to jazz your outfit up even further.

Well guys, I’ve got to head off now because I’m due to meet with a very famous designer whom I’ll refrain from mentioning by name. I hope you’ve found this article to be of some use, and now you’ll be in the best position to buy these items before the prices start to inflate.

Have fun!

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