How To Have The Perfect Swiss Holiday

Switzerland is amongst one of the top destinations for holidays not only in Europe, but the world. With the friendly locals of the many cantons, the delicious food and the gorgeous nature that you’re free to explore, it’s easy to see why. There’s so much in Switzerland is can be hard to decide what, exactly, to do. That’s what we’re here to help with. Enjoy the best of Swiss holidaymaking by following this handy guide on the region.


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Dress well

Most Swiss holidays take place in the many Alps resorts. No doubt you already know that you’ll need to dress warmly. But to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible in the lap of luxury, you’ll want to also make sure you dress as well as possible. Get your holiday off to the best start by following our guide on looking class from head-to-toe. Dressed right, you’ll never feel out of place in this most opulent of holiday destinations.


This is an obvious choice. It’s almost a waste to visit a region of such breath-taking skiing resorts and slopes without taking to them even once. Switzerland is absolutely loaded with great skiing trails. Go cross country. Take to pulse-racing declines. Ski through the trails chosen for the heart-stopping natural beauty surrounding them. Momentum Ski can help you choose from all kinds of Swiss skiing holidays, depending on what exactly you want from the experience.


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The Matterhorn

Very much a national symbol and treasure for the country. The Matterhorn dominates the horizon of a country already famous for its delightful mountaintops. Whether you want to climb the mountain or take a lift, we recommend taking in the views from this world-renowned peak. Of course, if you have no climbing experience, don’t worry. Simply visiting the Matterhorn and standing before its immensity is an experience exhilarating all on its own.

Craft yourself a lifetime treasure

Swiss craft is famous the world over for the skill of its creators. Most particularly, Swiss watches are synonymous with luxury and talented creation. Switzerland has a lot of pride in this particular traditional craft and it shows. All over the country, you can take home your own handmade, meticulously made watch. Even better, there are places you can visit where master watchmakers take their time with you, creating something of your very own. Take home a memento that can’t simply be bought in shops.


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All that delicious chocolate

Another traditional craft the Swiss relish in is their chocolate making. They have a well-deserved history of being the world’s finest chocolatiers. It seems that every town has their own chocolatier selling the local product. This is always a mouth-watering and exquisite stop-spot for any holiday. If you really have a sweet tooth, take a tour through one of the country’s chocolate factories. Yes, there are plenty of samples for you to stuff yourself silly with, too.

The people of Switzerland are hospitable and talented. Their culture is lively and fun. The country itself a plethora of vistas you’ll never want to forget. This is one destination that should be on everyone’s bucket list.


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