A Guide to Looking Truly Unique

Who wants to look the same as everybody else? I certainly don’t! We weren’t born the same, so why should any of us dress the same? We are all unique individuals and I think we should show this off in the way we dress. This guide will help you by giving you some tips on looking truly unique.

Don’t Copy Others

It’s easy to copy others in this day and age. You have fashion magazines that follow trendy celebrities around, fashion blogs, Instagram – the list is endless. You may admire somebody, but that doesn’t mean you should copy them. Of course if you plan on wearing an item your own unique way because you really love it, then go ahead. Just don’t do it to be like anybody else! Know your worth, and know that you’re you!

Don’t Follow Trends

Following trends for the sake of following trends is another big thing many girls do these days. They see something on the catwalk, or pop up repeatedly on a fashion blog and decide they want to try it for themselves. Just because something is a ‘trend’, doesn’t mean you have to try it too. What about that awful socks and sliders trend that did the rounds just lately? You can’t deny it looks awful and makes no sense, yet people all over the globe were still jumping on it just because it was deemed a ‘trend’! Very few people can pull ugly trends like that off, so just don’t try to.



Only Buy and Wear Things That You Love

When you’re out shopping for clothes, ask yourself ‘do I really love this item?’ before you buy. If you don’t, you probably won’t got the wear out of it and you’ll end up getting bored. The items I wear the most and keep the longest are the ones that make me fall in love a little bit when I spot them. They make me gasp and run over, grabbing them from the rail like Gollum and that ring he cares so much about. I don’t quite squeal ‘my precious’ as I make my way over to the counter, but I want to.

Shop Vintage

You really can’t go wrong with vintage clothing. When you buy vintage, you can pretty much guarantee that nobody you will ever come into contact with will have the same item as you. They don’t lose their value, even though they’ve been worn time and time again. I love the idea that vintage items have already had lives before too! Vintage accessories will last a lifetime and can be passed down through generations. Also, vintage is better for the environment, so you can look unique while saving the world.

Mix Modern and Vintage Clothing

By mixing modern and vintage pieces, you won’t look like you’re dressing up for a 1960s fancy dress party. You’ll simply look unique and people will envy your style. I love mixing vintage and modern when it comes to festival fashion, as there’s nothing worse than looking the same as everyone else at a festival.

Are you ready to flaunt your uniqueness? Have fun!

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