Getting it right when buying a Mens leather jacket

Some of our favourite stars have all worn a leather jacket at some point, and they are all remembered for it because they wear it so well.

Like with any clothing type, from shirts to jean cuts, leather jackets come in a variety of styles. Picking the right one for you may not be as easy as it first seems.


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You will have seen two different lengths to a leather jacket; they come in both long and short version, with many different styles applied to these lengths too. This makes it a little more confusing than just picking up a pair of your favourite jeans.

However, do not fear, this guide to ‘getting it right when buying a men’s leather jacket’ will go someway to making things that little bit easier for you. This guide will look at the shorter versions of leather jackets, very ‘in’ at the moment, mainly because they are both comfortable and flexible.

Leather Jacket Styles

Motocross: Evolved from the motocross circuits, these leather jackets were seen aplenty as they were worn by the winners and competitors of each race. But why were they so popular? Well, these leather jackets provide the rider with a more aerodynamic look as they are proven to reduce drag whilst racing. The snugly fitted leather jacket hits low at the waist and hugs every contour of your body from shoulders to torso.

Bomber: First worn by pilots in the Air Force during World War II, these leather jackets are easily identifiable. The aircraft, during World War II, were neither pressurized nor insulated, so crew members and pilots alike had to wear very heavy, sheepskin-lined leather jackets to keep them warm. Today’s Bomber leather jackets are no different, each are lined and are designed to keep you warm during the cold days and evenings. They are especially great for larger men, as the design flatters the physique.

Fatigue: Again, this style of leather jacket derives from the military and, like the Bomber, are easily identifiable. They consist of dual chest pockets and have tough shoulder reinforcements, but they are a very versatile leather jacket, much like the Motocross.

These are the three main types of short length leather jackets that are available to you. However, with all luxury leather products you will have to decide on the type of leather that will be right for you and your jacket.

Leather Jacket Material

Cowhide: This is the most common leather used for leather jackets as it’s tough, yet becomes supple over time. It makes an ideal choice for your leather jackets, unless you find yourself on horseback on the range or plains.

Horsehide: This leather is extremely tough, more so than cowhide, meaning that is an extremely difficult leather jacket to break in. Not ideal for everyday use for around your local shopping centre, but it does make an ideal material if you happen to drive your Harley Davidson everyday.

Goatskin: Used in the Air Force and Navy, this leather provides a softer and more flexible material for your jacket. Looks better the more you wear it and beat it up.

These are the three most popular leather materials used for leather jackets. Now it is just about combining your favourite style with your favourite material to get the perfect leather jacket for you.

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