How to Get Mens Knitwear Right

Knitwear is an essential component to every man’s wardrobe. But most of us still aren’t sure about how to get it right – here’s how!


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Knitwear isn’t just for lounging around in and staying warm; a great jumper can also bring together a smart, formal outfit too. Start with your ordinary formal attire – black trousers, smart shoes, a white shirt and a tie. Once you have the basics sorted, you can find a top jumper to finish it off.

The color you go for will depend on your office environment at work or the situation in which you’ll be wearing the outfit. The classic black jumper always goes down well and can look great with a colored tie. Just don’t go for a black tie or the outfit will be too dark. But if you want to go for a different colored jumper, just experiment, any black color can look good.


For me, there are three main types of fabric to choose from when it comes to buying knitwear. The three choices are cashmere, wool, and cotton. Each offer something different, it just depends on what you want. Cashmere is at the top end of the range. It’s top quality but has a big price tag to go with it.

If you don’t want to spend big on cashmere, wool is a great alternative. It’s soft and very good at keeping you warm during winter. There are top-end options for sale at sites like too, so it’s not a low-quality option. Cotton is the cheapest option and the lowest quality, but it can be good for when the weather is a littler warmer.

Neck Cut

Just like the fabric options, there are three choices of neck cut. There’s crew neck, v-neck and roll neck to choose from. Again, each offers you something different and should be worn under different circumstances. The crew neck is the most versatile and is great for formal occasions and those looking for a simple style.

V-neck jumpers offer you the chance to brighten up an outfit as what you’re wearing underneath the jumper becomes more visible. You could wear a black v-neck with a colored or patterned shirt underneath to create an interesting look. Roll necks or turtlenecks are best for winter because they keep the heat in.


Patterned jumpers are best saved for casual usage. There are some rules to be aware of before you buy a patterned jumper though. These rules mostly depend on the shape of your body. For example, it’s best to avoid jumpers with horizontal patterns if you have an oval body shape because you’ll look wider than you are.

If you’re going for a more bold pattern like those you’ll find on argyle jumpers, you have to be confident enough to carry it off. Let the pattern be the focus of the outfit and don’t try to add other patterns or bright colors around it.

If you use your common sense and remember everything I’ve told you here, you should have no problem finding the right knitwear.


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