How To Get The Look Without The Rush In The Morning

When you are in a hurry, it can be tough to get your look just right before you have to fly out the door. We know we’re supposed to layer and accessorise, but all of that takes time. We’ve barely got the time to do our makeup before we find ourselves running late. What we need are some cheats to help us get the look we want in half the time. If you haven’t already found your life hacks to cut the time it takes to look fabulous, then try out some of these:

Style Bag – This needs careful consideration, or you could find yourself carting around a huge handbag full of everything you own! Get a great bag that fits in your regular handbag. It needs to have various sections so you can keep the contents organised for quick retrieval. It should contain one or two key items that work with most of your wardrobe choices. Pick two necklaces that work, preferably in silver because that goes with everything. Choose two pairs of clip-on-earrings so that you can change them quickly and easily without having to fiddle with posts and butterflies. Add two bangle sets and a couple of rings, and you should be able to make up a great look.


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Bedroom chair – Having a chair in your room is a great way to lay out your clothes for the morning, and quicker than trying to get them off the hanger. Put the last thing you put on first then the other clothes in order on top. Your panties should be on the top of the pile that way. This takes about five to ten minutes the night before but saves you an age in the morning when you’re still half asleep and in a rush. It’s a great way to see how an outfit works too, as you build up the layers. Finally put your shoes underneath to finish the look off.

Permanent makeup – If you find you are always wearing your makeup in the same way, it might be worth investing in a more permanent fix. This could save you having to do the whole lot every morning. This isn’t always the best thing to do if you like to mix up your looks, or you change your makeup in the evening. Sometimes, it can be helpful to get a base look done or long wearing nails put on just to save you a few valuable minutes each morning.

Hairstyles – If you never have time to get your hair done right every morning, now may be the time to consider a cut that requires minimum maintenance. Up styles help on a busy morning, but they still take a time to look right. Do your homework one evening this week and see what other styles suit your face and get some practice in doing them quickly and easily. Thankfully ponies are back in vogue so you can get away with a loose look if you have long hair. Hair mousse is a great way to get that look without having to do very much and holds it reasonably well together.

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