How To Get Beyonce’s New Look: 3 Easy Steps


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Queen Bee never hair a hair out of place. As the undisputed queen of fashion, Beyonce always looks preened to perfection.  In her early career, she was all about over the top glamour; leopard-print dresses and huge gold accessories. Over the years, we have seen a few Beyonce transformations from her gangster wife look to her girl next door attire. No matter what this lady is wearing she always pulls it off. I guess that is the benefit of having a team of stylists choosing your clothes.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a team of stylists backing up. All we have is a mirror and a wardrobe. It is a hard life being a woman in the modern world, but we manage. If you want to create Beyonce’s latest look; a mix of cool sophistication and raw emotion (think “Drunk In Love”) – then read on. Here is your three-step guide to dressing like Bey.

Step One: Back-Combed Hair

One of the latest styles we have seen from Beyonce is big hair. She would not go out there with flat, limp locks and is an advocate of the go big or go home slogan. Getting that back-combed look can go two ways. The first way is that you end up looking like Beyonce and pull it off completely. The second way is that you end up looking like you forgot to comb your hair in the morning.

Spray dry shampoo under your hair and use it when you back-comb your locks. Don’t worry about how messy this looks at first, as you can tidy it up later. Just spend some time getting your hair as big and as stiff as possible. Once you’ve done that it is time to make it neat. Slick back your hair from your hair-line and use hairspray to get a smooth look. Use hair-pins to pin back any free-flying hair. Ensure that you keep your hair’s volume.

Step Two: The Fitted Dress

Of late Beyonce has opted for a more classic style of attire, than she did in her younger days. Here we see her in a fitted shirt dress, which flatters her full figure. This look works well on women with curves, as it accentuates the female form, without looking too revealing. Of course, here Beyonce also has a plunge-neckline, which  adds a risque edge to a classy look.

If you want to recreate the look then, it is worth getting measured. A fitted-dress like this one will only look good if it’s the right size. Guessing what will fit, will leave you drowning in your dress, rather than looking like a Goddess. Choose a block colour dress, such as black or red, which will look perfect as evening attire.

Step Three: Glamorous Accessories

Bey would be nothing without her bling. From her early career, she has always worn only the most extravagant of jewelry. With such a simplistic dress, you will need a touch of glamour. Here Beyonce is wearing diamond speckled earrings, which are the centrepiece of her entire look. The reason this works so well is because she is keeping the rest of her look minimalist. The earrings stand-out from the rest of her attire and draw attention to her face and neck area.

To achieve this aspect of the look, you will need to invest in a quality statement piece. You should choose a trusted supplier, such as Whiteflash; a Houston jewelers. Invest in one large accessory, which will draw attention to any outfit you wear.

Once you have completed all these steps, you will be on your way to looking like Queen Bee. This look will take a lot of confidence to pull off. You need to bring some of that feminist elegance to this look. Be proud to wear something so classy and keep your head up high when you are out. In other words, act like Beyonce herself.

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