Follow These Celeb Tips to Truly Pamper Your Pooch

We all love treating our pets every once in a while; admit it, it’s a guilty pleasure. Whether it’s by pampering them at the grooming salon or buying them gifts, we all have something we like to do for our dogs. Celebrities are no stranger to this dog pampering hobby, and they know how to do it well. We’ve got some top tips from the celebs so that you can pamper your pooch properly.

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Puppy Mansion

If you want to follow in the footsteps of the most famous puppy pamperer, then look no further than Paris Hilton. Her gorgeous little pups were treated to an exact replica of the Hilton mansion, including chandeliers and doggy wardrobes. Paris spent a reported $325,000 on the puppy mansion for Dolce, Harajuku and Tinkerbell, but you don’t need big bucks to do the same. You can find some rather incredible dog houses at pet stores, which are nowhere near the same price. Add some personal touches with a big, fluffy bed and perhaps even a family photo or two.

Out and About

Taking our dogs out can be a bit of a drag, especially when it is pouring with rain. However, take some tips from stars Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman, who have both been snapped with their pooches outdoors. Anne took her beloved chocolate labrador with her to the set of The Dark Knight Rises, whilst Hugh, and his daughter Ava have been seen walking French Bulldog, Peaches, round the local park. Don your best fashionable clobber, invest in a glamorous collar and lead from K9Active and get out there with your dog. Okay, so you might not get snapped by the paparazzi but you can at least pretend.

Gourmet Grub

Celebrities are renowned for spending a fortune on their dogs, whether it is high fashion garments or gourmet grub. Jessica Simpson took her best friend everywhere, including hotels, where she would ask the restaurant staff to make something spectacular for Daisy the dog. Treating your dog to some posh food once in a while isn’t a bad thing, just don’t go overboard. You can find a whole range of dog food recipes online, that you can make at home and feed to Fido yourself. Alternatively, if you want to splash the cash, then ring up your favourite restaurant and ask if they do something such as a luxury doggy bag.

Fancy Dress

There’s no escaping the growing fashion of pampering our pooches with a whole new wardrobe, as all the celebrities have gone to prove. Nearly every pet store sells clothes for your dog now; from basic coats and hoodies to tiaras and tutus. Not every dog enjoys being dressed up, however, so ensure you test the water before splashing out on a ton of different outfits. Halloween seems to be the perfect opportunity to dress up our dogs, with Americans spending millions every year on spooky puppy outfits.

We love the idea of pampering our dogs, especially as they are so loyal to us. Take some of these celeb tips and put your own spin on them, to treat your pup on a budget.

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